A Year on Ramuh

I’ve been trying to compare Shiva and Ramuh, and i know that’s not fair since i spent so much more time on Shiva, but here goes anyways.

Ramuh is so much more laid back and relaxed. There’s a huge JP community on Shiva with at least 4 major JP HNM LS’s. Day 1 Faf with 200 people in Dragons Aery was normal. Fanta Peach seems to be the only decent JP shell on Ramuh.

NA HNM shells on Ramuh:

Darkhearts – Closest thing to Dark Legacy on this server. Pretty much capped out on gear and rarely seem to camp anymore. Probably the only shell that would come close to surviving on Shiva.

Pixies – EU shell that does what they do when i’m usually asleep.

The After Life – They hate us with a passion and i could care less. Most of them seem cool, and anyone that knows me knows i don’t do drama, but they talk a lot of shit at camps or anywhere they can. Doesn’t bother me one bit though, it’s not what i’m about.  They pretty much have Tiamat between themselves and Pixies. It’s ok though, most of us have 100+ kills before they were even formed. Leader is the biggest phony i’ve ever come accross. If you don’t talk to me the way you would in person, then i don’t waste my time with you.

As my friend Katrisha says “drama everywhere you go”.  The drama on Ramuh is so lame compared to what I’m used to on Shiva. People talking shit, making fun of, being racist pricks, blah blah blah. Who cares. I have better things to do than get mad at someone over the internet.

If it wasn’t for server transfers, I’d probably have quit. That being said, i hate server hoppers. Sometimes things happen that are out of your control and you just have to make the best of it.

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