The Story Goes On

What a nice long and enjoyable break from blogging after Blaugust. It wasn’t really my intention to take an entire month off following that craziness.  It just sort of happened as it usually does i suppose with me. That’s alright though, for i have returned to share more of my super exciting and intimately boring…

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We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Blaugust is officially over after today and i am so absolutely relieved. As someone who posts maybe three times a week on a good week, this month has been extremely stressful for me. Making sure i got some sort of play time in so i have something to post about every day is not normal…

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Winding Down

We’re in the home stretch here folks and i’ve somehow managed to not go completely bonkers. Well to be honest, it’s not really a stretch when there’s only two days left in Blaugust, but i feel better looking at it that way. We’re in the wrap up stage where i reminisce about how my month…

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