I’m kind of in limbo as to what to do now. I miss FFXI and i miss doing HNM’s, which everyone knows i love. Don’t get me wrong, the world spawn 20-25 shit is completely stupid to me, but it is what it is. I think i miss the little group low-man stuff the most and getting friends together to be the first group to do things. Unfortunately, the people i did all that stuff with are all playing WOW. I’ve never EVER played that piece of shit game and never will. To pass the time until i decide what to do and until Aion is released, i’ve been fucking around on Cabal online. It’s a free MMO, it’s a grinder, it’s level cap is a ridiculous 170, but i’m not taking it seriously. So here i am on the Cabal version of PLD. It’s kind of neat tanking by doing massive amounts of AOE damage.

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