Aion Closed Beta

Obviously tons of people are waiting for this game and we got to fuck around on it this weekend. Let me say so far i’m loving it, but it’s still early. For one, it’s capped at level 10. Secondly, my PC barely meets the minimum requirements. I took some screen shots of myself and Bastilla questing and whatnot. I have all my setting all the way down just to get the game to run smooth on my 1.87GHz piece of crap. The actual game looks absolutely beautiful when it’s maxed out.

Level 10 Asmodian Templar:

Asmodian Ascension quest. Getting my wings:

Level 10 Elyos Gladiator. The main city is absolutely stunning:

One of the ridiculous emotes that distracted Bastilla from curing me and letting me die.

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