Incoherent Rambling

I’ve been reading forums a lot lately while waiting on the next beta weekend for Aion. I came across this one post full of idiots that used to be on Shiva a few years back. Seems they’re on Gilgamesh now, being the same idiots they were then. I realized what i don’t miss at all about FFXI. I also understand that kids will be kids and that they need attention, but man Shiva turned into a shit hole after them.

I often was asked why my linkshell never spoke in /say. If you read that idiotic thread then you’ll understand. Having to put up with that crap for years i think just made me thick skinned. I assume anyone talking to me on a game is a 15 year old pisswad, and i hate 15 year old pisswads.

That’s not to say that we didn’t have some utterly moronic and extremely idiotic nights on our Vent. Probably the most fun i’ve had on FFXI. I couldn’t imagine playing without Vent. Which reminds me, Khalil fix Vent damnit. Oh and Khalil, i saw a Dominos delivery car again today :p Or how about the snowball story? I have enough stories for 2 life times. So many fun moments i can’t remember them all, but here goes some.

  • Khalil refusing to use push to talk and us hearing everything.
  • Khalil’s mom coming to visit him and yelling at him on vent.
  • Jon afking to get a soda out of the freezer and then getting a call 30 min later saying he’s at Taco Bell.
  • Katrisha never answering a question directly.
  • Jack not knowing what DP stood for and thinking it was “doggy pounce”.
  • Retrace wars.
  • Bastilla interviewing a new applicant on vent while Jack and i are trying to fuck with him in party chat.
  • “Wait who’s on chainspell stun? Fuck it just go, someone will stun”.
  • Jack exping drunk and explaining “squirting 101”.

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