Bastilla The Thrilla

  Due to constant bitching and complaining from everyone’s favorite french Canadian that i don’t talk about him enough on here, i went and dug up some old pics from 2005. Some of these are shitty quality and clearly not as many as i’d wish i could find. I blame you and everyone else for not taking many pics of what you and almost everyone considers the golden era of the game. Some of these are Bast’s accomplishments and some are DarkLegacy’s.

1st KV kill on Shiva
1st Cerberus kill on Shiva 
1st Jorm on Shiva
1st  NA Dynamis Xarca
If i recall correctly 2nd Tiamat kill after a 16 hour marathon by Xtreme
1st Barone bodies
 Rev mail twins.  Remember when WHM was your only job? Mr. Main WHM!
1st Hauteclaire across all servers –
Bast getting his ridill wearing questionable hear. I’m embarrassed and you should be too.
Panic ensues and a rare moment at that from Mr. Cool. Getting Joytoy used to be a big deal. And holy shit the Panther mask era was hot.
Last but not least, Armada. I recall being in an intense merit party and all of a sudden screaming begins. You left and i had no idea what the fuck was going on. Later on i heard, Pyl went 1/11 you lucky fucker.
The infamous Dark Ixion pic. I’ve yet to see this beaten and this was before Bravura. 2800 baby.
The wisest thing Bastilla has ever said.

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