Aion Beta Weekend #4

Level 25 is the cap this time and i have to say, 20-25 is a lot more fun than 1-20. I’m sure it’s because i’m a Templar and we pretty much suck without some important stigmas and abilities we get later on. Right now the ranged damage dealer classes have whooped my butt and i don’t see that changing til the mid 30’s, when i get another ability. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect because i’m not really a PVP person, but the more i try out the game, the better it gets. There’s so much to do PVE wise and so many quests, gathering, and crafting, that i can only see it getting better. It’s just plain fun. Not having to base your play time around mob respawns doesn’t hurt >.>!

Testing out my pull stigma that i get at 22 called Stunning Strike.

Elyos side of the Abyss. It’s a huge PVP zone where 2 factions and a 3rd NPC faction duke it out.

Cutscenes in the Abyss explaining factions, fortresses, and basically the story.

Doing some quests on the first Abyss island. Forgot to take pics of me getting owned by some Asmodians shortly after. I was busy running.

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