China Lovin

I finally gave in and decided to kill some time on the Chinese servers. Setting up and account was ridiculously simple and paying for it is really cheap. I think i bought like 50 hours for $4, which is cheaper than a sub would be, considering i’m not really playing that much. Oh and the game client is free to download, which surprised me. With the English patch and so many NA and EU players on my server, it feels a lot like FFXI. Although doing some of the group quests has been a bit of an adventure with zero communication. Anyways, i turned up my setting on my pc so i could take some pics. Unfortunately i can’t play with these setting as my FPS goes to shit.

Doing some quests in Eiron Desert. I went afk for about 10 seconds to get a drink and was destroyed by some Asmo’s that wandered through a nearby rift.

Talking to my friendly tree NPC in Manduri Forrest. An Asmo tried to kill me shortly after, but we outnumbered him and set him home.

Farming for my lev 22 stigma stone Stunning Strike in Theobomos. I gave up after 3 hours and just bought it off the AH with the money i got from the mobs!

We ended up chasing some Asmo’s through the desert and into Grave of Sataloca. So much fun. Well, until high level Asmo’s attack and we have no chance. Damn movement speed boots!

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