30 Days

  Well less than 30 days til Aion goes live. I haven’t touched FFXI in 2 months now. My account is sitting inactive and i really have no desire to fire it up. Even thinking about it puts me in a bad mood. I think it’s because i don’t like to put up with bitching and complaining. Tell me what job and where to go and i’m happy. I feel like i’m back to my laid back, sarcastic as fuck, old self.

  So far we have around 20 members for our legion from recent FFXI and oldschool FFXI of 3 years ago. Seems like a really nice group of people with no assholes, except for Bastilla. Just kidding, but not really! If you happen to be reading this and are interesting, hit me up on here or on BG and i’ll direct you to our temp forum. Jack, stop playing WOW, we need more asians. Oh Katrisha, respond to your damn e-mail.

  It looks like Aion will be a game of numbers in the Abyss. Probably need 30+ to take over forts and open up the instances within. The instances themselves look like they’re  mostly 6-man starting at lev 30. The thing that struck me first was that some legions have 80-100 members. I find that insane, probably due to the fact that i’m so used to FFXI’s small numbers. I guess it makes sense, you can do the instances with a few of your close friends, then go ransack the fortresses with a huge group. Should be fun.

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