Aion Finally

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve done the 1-20 grind, between the betas and Chinese Aion. It feels so good to finally have it count. Been busy trying to stay ahead of the leveling curve. The first few days were rough and trying to find mobs was challenging. After deciding on our server, we picked another one instead because we were worried about having members locked out.

Well it turned out we picked the most populated server somehow! We’re on Triniel, which later we found out is also the server with more old FFXI BG people. Anyways, managed to get to 30 in the first week, but the next 20 levels will take much longer. As a huge Cowboy Bebop fan, i finally got the name i wanted in FFXI which was always taken.

Nochsana Training camp: 1st 6-man instance with fantastic exp but no drops for us.

Fire Temple: 2nd instance also with no drops for my groups.

Getting my Courageous Breastplate.

Level 30 CE wings

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