What is, What was, and What Could Have Been

Ah, we all had such high hopes for Aion. Was to be our next home for the next 3-4 years. At least that my my mindset going in. Hell, i played on a Chinese server pre-release, i loved it so much. Then the betas came and we went hardcore in those as well. Release day, we all sat there spamming the log in screen so we could save the names we wanted!.

Let me just say that the first 30 levels were a blast when the servers were new. Everyone was pretty much the same level and there was always something to do. From Training Camp instance to constant PVP. I mean you couldn’t get 5ft outside of your own city gate without 30 people from the other faction waiting for you. I loved it.                                                                                                                                                           

Then you get to 50, the current cap. You have 1 instance, Dark Poeta, which is a waste of time other than unlocking your stigma slots. The Abyss is completely empty because half of the people that decided to give Aion a shot don’t like PVP. Or maybe it’s the fact that flight combat is complete garbage for melee classes. I should have know better myself, ranged classes are always superior to melee. I made the mistake of picking a class, templar,  based around PVE and instances. I wish i could go back and pick a class based around PVP like ranger or sorc, because that’s where you’ll spend the majority of you time once you’re 50.

I don’t regret Aion for one second and i’ll consider playing it some more if the updates fix certain ailing aspects. Right now i’m bored while waiting for FFXIV and Star Wars!

Ding 50! This was before Christmas i think. So funny having to go back to the starter area because i skipped campaign quests there due to overcrowding on launch day.

Alukina’s Scepter baby. Extendable weapons are so overrated. Having to stop to use skills while flying completely limits melee to fodder for ranged.

Shugo Pirates! Absolutely the best part of Aion are the Shugo. They completely destroy Moogles from Final Fantasy. “No more kinah? Check your pockets…. nyerk!”

Getting shot out of a cannon for the first time in Steel Rake instance. Also the mid deck monkey boss. I dunno how the fuck i don’t have any pics of the other 2 bosses.

Capturing an artifact before a fort siege. Jack never disappoints.

A-rank Dark Poeta with 2 templars is possible! I blame Gurack for it not being S-rank.

Soloing Sulfer Tree Nest instance before they nerfed the ability to do so. I wish i knew about this earlier. Oh well i guess.

Choo choo, everyone run! Fucking Blaize(Natsuki) still trying to solo mobs while we run.

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