Runes Of Magic

So i was debating whether to activate my FFXI due to the level cap raise news. I managed to talk myself out of putting myself though that again. My plan was to just come back and do small stuff and avoid the HNM nonsense completely. For now, i decided not to yet and may not at all, but FFXIV is so far off.

Here i am making my rounds of free to play MMO’s just as a filler. I read some reviews of ROM and decided to try it out. What the hell it’s not like i have anything to lose. My main reason for trying ROM was that the item shop crap that i hate is actually purely cosmetic. Well, except for a few mounts here and there.

Well first i have to say that it’s a complete copy of WoW in every way, including using the same Curse addons. Not only that but i have too many damn quests! Seriously, I’m out-leveling them and completely backed up with shit from 5 levels ago. Oh and the GM’s seem to be pretty active it seems, as they ban people for buying from RMT shops. I haven’t seen a single bot or RMT spammer yet. It’s kinda nuts when cpmpared to Aion’s non stop bullshit. The game is just a time killer but I’m surprised it’s not a huge hit. Maybe it is, what do i know?

The duel class system is nice also. It reminds me of FFXI. My Rouge/Scout!

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