Making my rounds of free trials and garbage FTP’s landed me on LOTRO a few months back. I’m not going to claim to know a damn thing about the game later on as i only made it to level 14 playing sparingly, but it’s a pretty damn solid game. I’m not sure why everyone that hates WoW and is looking for a great PVE game, isn’t playing this. Sure the character models look a big plastic, but the game play seems rather fun.

So i’m kind of in the groove of playing ranger classes ever since Aion. I can’t believe how terrible the ranger class was in FFXI and how much i hated it. I love being able to solo elite mobs and pretty much kite mobs forever while i blast them down. Since LOTRO is pretty much a solo game early on, i figured what the hell, lets ranger it up. It’s kinda funny, i look like a red mage from XI with a bow.

The community seems rather adult and polite which I’ve missed since the early days of XI. Normally i’m not one to ask for help, but this one player went out of his way to help me with a quest and stuck around til i finished it. Totally shocked was I. I honestly believe that if i started playing this when it came out, that i’d have quit XI much sooner. If i could get everyone i know to go play together, i’d continue with the payment model. As it stands, everyone is pretty much waiting on FFXIV.

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