So…………….I’m on the fence with this game big time. On one hand it’ll be nice to start fresh. On the other, nothing really screams “you must play this” when i see gameplay footage. Now obviously i won’t judge a game before i get to play it, but nothing is really gravitating me towards it.

   The game and environment look fantastic, there’s no debating that. It’s the gameplay that worries me the most.  From what i’ve seen so far, SE has learned nothing about fun and engaging combat. The one thing i didn’t want was another XI combat wise, and here we are. Same dull combat. Same clunky controls. Same weird menu lag. Same combat engage lag. This can’t be an accident. Maybe they think this stuff is fun, but i no longer do.

   Let’s not even get into the big no no. Yet again, there’s no jump feature. Some people don’t mind but to me it’s an immersion breaker. I like the freedom having this option gives me and being relegated to the ground is not my cup of tea. Now this doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to bother others, but i would prefer the ability to leave the ground once in a while. It was also funny watching the E3 video when at the start, the player walked up to a tiny obstacle  and had to maneuver around it. I cringed a little inside thinking of Behemoths Dominion and those annoying as fuck small ledges in Dynamis Xarc.

   SE seems to understand that we don’t want to schedule our lives around a game anymore. Being able to accomplish something in a few hours with minimal downtime sounds good to me. The day i waste time camping mobs for hours on end again is the day i run a muck and kill everyone and everything. That mistake i will not make again.

We’ll see how XIV turns out. I will definitely give the game a shot, but whether or not i stick to it is up to the games fun factor. So far I’m not impressed.



  • To say that XIV's combat is as dull as XI's is as far-fetched as it gets.

    I'd like to think that you're not a guy with the mindset that “only fast combat is fun and engaging” but if so, too bad (for you).

    In the end, I guess only by experiencing it yourself you can see the potential there is.


  • Definitely not a guy that thinks only fast is fun. What i don't like though is being slowed down with a poor UI or menu system where i have to resort to 3rd party apps to circumvent. I admire your passion and i assume this is Hyan, what's up!

    Again, all i can really go on is what i've seen. I'm looking forward to getting into beta, if i ever do, and hopefully disprove my early feelings.


  • How the hell did you know haha

    But nah I'm just saying that so far what we know is that S-E sucks at PR and it's understandable to have your doubts, but we shouldn't also fool ourselves into thinking that their poor marketing strategy would be an indicator as to how the game actually plays. I don't think these two factors are linked.

    Tomorrow we'll definitely get a better picture about how it's going to play. Right now I definitely wouldn't use the Alpha gameplay as an indicator though. From getting to play it for a short while, it felt like a placeholder of the real thing more than anything.


  • And granted, I'm not really convinced that the weird lag is going to be removed completely and I don't have much faith in the people who design the controls either, but I'm speaking about the dull combat more than anything. It's far too early to say anything about that based on Alpha and few noobs getting to play the E3 demo.


  • Sorry for triple post lol

    But think it like this: If you watched a video of two people playing chess, that'd be the pinnacle of boring right?

    But that does not mean that for the two people playing the game it is boring.

    Some games can deliver that “the combat is fun!” feeling when watching it from a video (the more flashy it is the better), but some games you just have to try it out yourself to see whether it's fun or not.


  • Nah post all you like bud. I enjoy discussions and it beats rading my own posts over and over.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the game in beta and hopefully get to play it.

    If anything, it'll be something to play for a solid 6 months before TOR, Rift, and GW2.
    Although, GW2 seems like something you can play at the same time as another MMO since it's model seems to be the same as GW.


  • I like how GW2 sounds so far. I did play GW1 with FFXI years ago, and it did work well when you only had to pay one subscription fee.

    But even if it sounds great, it's once again a result of hype. Because of the game's core model, which is different from other MMO's, it will lack a lot of elements usually found in the genre. But of course they wouldn't tell us about these things ;).

    Either way it is probably great at what it does, and the PvP emphasis will be a nice change of pace from XIV.

    I don't have much hope for TOR and Rift though. That depends on your experience from other MMO's though.


  • The thing i like about Rift is that it's a Western game but it deviates away from the horrible character models that all western games have. I much prefer eastern art style with western game mechanics. Someone, no one has figured out how to make a decent MMO like that yet.


  • Yeah, I dunno why but Western artists are really horrible.

    They do have the technical side and PR down though.

    But in the end, if the game plays like any other game then I can't see myself playing it for long. That's sadly a massive problem in the industry nowadays. You have all these new games that are basically Dark Age of Camelot with a new paint and some gimmicks.

    After years of MMO'ing I just can't get excited about something like that anymore. GW was the only different from the bunch, which I did play and enjoy for quite long too.


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