Shhh… Private

I know it’s sorta frowned upon to be playing on a private server, but i’m not really taking this seriously. I’ve been screwing around on an Aion private server for a few months now just passing time until FFXIV.

It is what it is and honestly, it’s a shame that the game is more fun here than in retail. Basically this server is a high rate PVP server, which means the ridiculously boring grind has been replaced completely. It takes only a few hours to ding 55 and after that it’s non stop PVP full time.

It’s also not really an MMO this way, but that’s not really was i was looking for anyways. I usually like to sink large amounts of time into a game when i think i’m going to be in it for a long period of time. This is not it. FFXIV is around the corner, but until then i’m having fun killing people.

Here’s my Gladiator and Ranger doing what Aion is best known for….grinding.

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