What does one do when his favorite class, marksman, is nerfed to the ground in beta and completely subpar for anything? You become a bard of course and get invited to everything! Flashbacks of FFXI incoming. Despite hating the fact that my motifs (songs) only last 30 seconds, i have to admit i’m rather enjoying barding it up. Don’t tell anyone though or i may have to full time it, not that i don’t anyways!

   So what does one do once level 50 you might ask? Well you do expert dungeons of course. There’s 10 in total, 5 tier 1 and 5 tier 2. Both have a minimum stat cap before they can be done successfully.

Rocking some Expert Foul Cascade

Rift Bard


Rift Bard

Random graphical glitch!

Rift Bard

Oh and of course the weekly raid quest on Baron in Stillmoor.

Rift Bard

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