River Of Souls Complete

   Much to our enjoyment, Trion decided to release a 2nd 20-man raid instance called River of Souls. Despite the lackluster server wide event leading up to its opening, the zone itself didn’t disappoint. Well except for the fact that we’ve dubbed the zone River of Trash instead for the ridiculous amounts. This of course is right up our alley since we love wiping to trash over and over while 1 shotting the bosses themselves.
   The raid itself is on the same tier as Greenscale. It’s basically another zone to gear people up in and get some relic weapons in the process. A second loot pinata is never a bad thing right? Well after clearing Greenscale, RoS took us a bit longer mostly due to the cockblock that is Herald Gauthath. Overall, i’d say i’m impressed with the amount of content Trion has released in such a short amount of time. I can only see it getting better. Anyways, here are the fights themselves for your viewing pleasure.

Warmaster Galenir
Plutonus the Immortal
Herald Gaurath
Alsbeth the Discordant

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