Waves of Madness

Prior to 1.4, i decided i’d work on getting as many coins as i could stomach to purchase a bunch of the new epic water resist source machines. As usual, this led to me finding a bunch of stupid things to do to occupy my time. One of those was finishing up all the achievements in every zone for finishing quests.

First things first. Rocking my new look. The originator of the chainmail rogue.

Rift Waves of Madness

Last on my list was the quest chain in Shimmersand. Holy fuck did this send me all over the map and back a dozen times, but man was it a fun chain.

Rift Waves of Madness

Rift Waves of Madness

  Achievement complete!

Rift Waves of Madness

   New mount from a random drop off an expert water rift. Looks like a cross between a rat and a frog. Funny story about getting this too. It seems to only drop when i show up on bard after going afk to make a sandwich. It’s true, i swear. We got 2 of them like that.

Rift Waves of Madness

   Holy debuffs Batman.

Rift Waves of Madness

   I thought i had enough of crabs when i left FFXI. Instead we get lobsters.

Rift Waves of Madness

Rift Waves of Madness

Rift Waves of Madness

   We also got a random world drop banner that does absolutely nothing. I call it the dirty q-tip. The only use for it is for everyone to throw one up during a raid and annoy everyone else.

Rift Banners

Rift Banners

Rift Banners

   Also started PVP’ing again for the first time since level 40. All i can say is, man it was so much more fun pre 50. Shit’s ridiculously unbalanced.

Rift PVP

   Camping the event vendor awaiting phase 4 to start, for server firsts of course. I failed.

Rift Event Vendor

   Guardian invasion in Meridian that i somehow missed. Gotta get those 50 kills for my achievement dammit.

Rift Guardian Invasion

   No one should ever give me access to the guild bank, for i will hijack it and rearrange everything as annoyingly as possible. I screwed up on the “A” though.

Rift Guild Bank

   Let’s go Hammerknell already. 1.4 can’t come soon enough.

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