New PC

   So my PC has been a running joke for a while now. Always running games at the lowest setting and always getting horrible fps. Try raiding in Rift with 8-10 fps. I’ve  managed well enough though and never had problems with avoiding shit that i had to while still topping dps charts, for rogues anyways. It was long overdue but i finally built my first pc since 2006. The old pc had some updated components but still lacked punch.

   The difference is ridiculous. My old cpu was always running at 100% and bottle necking my gpu big time. I seriously don’t know how i managed to raid properly with that old piece of crap. I do find it ironic that i finally build this and am currently not playing anything. I should have some nice fraps going once GW2 is out.

   Old PC

    E6500 dual core @ 2.93GHz
    Asus P5G41C-M LGA 775
    4GB G.Skill Ripjaws
    GTX 260 @ 896
    Rocketfish 700w PS
    HP keyboard + mouse
    HP w22 LCD monitor @ 1680×1050
    Crappy HP stock case

    New PC
    i5-2500k quad core @ 4.5GHz
    Asus Maximus IV Z68
    8GB Corsair Vengeance
    GTX 560-ti @ 1gb
    Corsair AX850 PS
    Logitech G110 keyboard
    Razer Naga mouse
    Asus 24” LED monitor @ 1920×1080
    Coolermaster HAF 922 case

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