What the heck is RaiderZ and why does it have such a horrible spelling?  Well I’m glad you asked!  Well I’m not really since it’s basically a cheap TERA knockoff free to play, but i digress.  Got a chance to fuck around in it during it’s super secret only cool kids get in Alpha testing period, which anyone could get into.

It’s really not a bad game in all honesty, but i can’t really say since i was only able to make it to level 10.  What distinguishes it from other FTP’s is of course the FPS targeting being used in TERA.  It’s actually pretty fun once you get going but I’m not really a fan of how the controls actually work since I’m a mouse mover.

The other aspect that i really don’t like is the lack of a leather/rogue class.  You’re basically stuck with warrior(defender or berserker), mage, and cleric.  I’d kill to be able to play an Archer type and i think the game really does need that archetype.   Who am I kidding, it’s only a time waster til GW2 anyways, right?


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