Guild Wars 2 – BWE2

     Another beta weekend event drew to a close leaving us feeling empty inside until the next one.  I managed to capture a ridiculous amount of pics and video that i have to sift through and try to make some sense of in the next few days.  Most of this will consist of WvW action, which VI spent the majority of it’s time partaking in, but we also knocked out both versions of Ascalonian Catacombs.

     The big update for this beta was of course the tiering of skills and traits, which I’m still not a fan of but understand the need for.  As a Thief, what this meant was that i was missing 2 very important traits for the build i really enjoyed during the first beta weekend.  Having 3 extra initiative and a 60% chance on criticals to cripple with pistols is freaking huge.  I’m essentially required to put 30 points into Critical Strikes to get that cripple now and must be level 40 for the extra initiative.  I understand why Anet did this and i adapted just fine without, but oh did i miss those 2!

     Spent the entirety of Friday night doing nothing but small man WvW.  Now normally i wouldn’t feel bad for opponents, but our sever was matched up against 2 new servers.  This unfortunately lead to hilarity and hijinks as our group was able to take on and defeat much larger groups since most of us had all of our elite skills.

Guild Wars 2 Fort Capture
Knock knock
Guild Wars 2 Fort Capture
Must claim the keep!
Guild Wars 2 Fort Capture
Watching oil kill people from the back
Guild Wars 2 Fort Capture
So many people forget to bring supply
Guild Wars 2 Fort Capture
Nice heart shaped fireball!
Guild Wars 2 World Vs World Status
The night began like this
Guild Wars 2 World Vs World Status
Then it got worse
Guild Wars 2 World Vs World Status
Went to bed when we owned everything

Guild Wars 2 World Vs World Status
Next day was much more competitive
     Unfortunately by Sunday it appeared that many players took advantage of the free transfer and moved to the top ranked servers.  This made for Yak’s Bend getting-steam rolled on Sunday and overall not very fun in WvW.  Much of the day was spent defending what we could against huge zergs, which was still fun with siege weapons!
Guild Wars 2 Supply Camp Defense
We’re surrounded!

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