Fun With the Dye System

This is the kind of stuff i love.  The kind of stuff some may call fluff or unnecessary, but i feel that adds to the longevity of an MMO.  It’s the non-combat “fluff” like this that i always ask for when i send in my feedback during betas, along with any class or bug fixes of course.  I’m of course speaking of GW2’s dye system.  The fact that i can use this system from my own hero panel is also really nice.

This is one of my pet peeves  in so many other MMO’s.  I absolutely hate looking like everyone else once those dreaded gear sets are obtained.  It takes away so much individuality from my character and drowns him/her in the pool of the bland.

I actually spent a good 90 minutes just messing with color combos to see if i could create something interesting.  Now, my normal color combo is always purple and some shade of green.  I feel like those 2 go together really well and look much better than anything else.  I started with full sets of single colors just to get an idea of what they actually look like and ended with the worst possible color combo possible!

Guild Wars 2 Salmon Dye
Guild Wars 2 Midnight Olive Dye
Midnight Olive
Guild Wars 2 Spring Tide Dye
Spring Tide
Guild Wars 2 Citrus Breeze Dye
Citrus Breeze
Guild Wars 2 Denim Dye
Guild Wars 2 Olive Oil Dye
Olive Oil
Guild Wars 2 Deep Lilac Dye
Deep Lilac
Guild Wars 2 Dye
Hideous Pastel Thief

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