The Black Citadel & Hoelbrak

     My original plan was to avoid these 2 cities until launch so as to not spoil the ooh’s and ahh’s until launch.  Well that plan, much like most plans, quickly went out the window when i realized i had to go to Charr land for Ascalonian Catacombs.  I still could have avoided it but said what the hell and checked both cities out anyways.  Divinity’s Reach, which i still think is the greatest city in MMO history, really blew me away so i wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was not disappointed.  The amount of work that went into creating and making these home cities unique just utterly astounds me.

Guild Wars 2 Iron Citadel
Iron Citadel
Guild Wars 2 Death Star
Death Star?
Guild Wars 2 Iron Citadel
So steam punk
Guild Wars 2 Iron Citadel
I get a Mad Max vibe
Guild Wars 2 Snow Leapard Lodge
Snow Leopard Lodge
Guild Wars 2 Bear Lodge
Bear Lodge
Guild Wars 2 Wolf Lodge
Wolf Lodge

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