Guild Wars 2

Don’t Forget Supply!

I have to keep repeating this because it always happens.  Don’t forget your supply people!  This was probably the only irritating part of my entire beta experience so far.  Roll up to a fort or keep and throw down a ram or arrow cart, only to stare at my unfinished and expensive paper weight.  This occurred far too often and really halted a few attempts at low manning a couple points over the weekend.  Personally, it drives me crazy when i see “Supply : 0” on my screen and assumed it bothered everyone else as well.  Not so, it seems, so remember to always grab some supply before heading out to assist a takeover.

Guild Wars 2 Supply
Build that ram!
Guild Wars 2 Supply
Guards are so annoying
Guild Wars 2 Supply
Break on through to the other side
Guild Wars 2 Supply
Onwards to the Keep
Guild Wars 2 Supply
Guild Wars 2 Supply
Don’t move for a few!
Guild Wars 2 Supply
❤ fireballs
Guild Wars 2 Supply
Love that bubble
Guild Wars 2 Supply
We have company
Guild Wars 2 Supply
Time to bounce with no supply

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