The Dreamer

     After 6 months and a lot of work, it’s mission accomplished.  I haven’t grinded by butt off for something in  a game for a long time, going  back to FFXI.  I told myself i wouldn’t grind for anything again, but it’s a freaking bow that shoots unicorns for fucks sake!  How could i not go for it?  What makes me even for ecstatic is that i completed the entire process legit without resorting to what i know many players devolved into doing.  You know what i mean.

     Many thanks to everyone that came out and grinded countless events in Cursed Shore and numerous dungeons with me.  Without them i think i would have lost my mind.  How many Plinx events can one man run over and over for money?!  That damn Abomination can piss off.

     I realized shortly into the process just how terrible and flawed the entire system of acquisition is.  I would say 75% of the required parts for a legendary are straight out purchasable and I’m not even counting the legendary itself.  It’s completely ridiculous that anyone can open up their wallet and achieve the current top goal in the game right now.  It makes the final goal completely meaningless.

     The way Anet should have gone with legendary’s should have been to eliminate any gold requirements and make the process a very long and intricate quest that requires difficult group tasks to be completed.  Farming materials from normal mobs is not legendary.  Terrible drop rates on precursors is not legendary.

Guild Wars 2 Gift of Wood
Guild Wars 2 Unicorn Statue
Guild Wars 2 The Dreamer
Guild Wars 2 The Dreamer
Guild Wars 2 The Dreamer
Guild Wars 2 The Dreamer
Guild Wars 2 The Dreamer

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