Legendary Reroll

What does one do after acquiring a legendary weapon on his thief?  One rerolls to a far superior class of course!  Don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love thief to death, but better is better.  I hadn’t noticed how lacking in group dynamics thief really was until i made it to higher level fractals.  The difference is night and day in survivability, group composition, and overall synergy.

I should specify that i play thief quite differently than the normal glass cannon, full dps, don’t care about anything thieves out there.  I normally group with a greatsword ranger that tanks everything and i make use of his Healing Spring to basically heal the crap out of everyone while doing massive damage.

Unfortunately i can also do that on guardian with a little less frequency but also keep protection up on everyone.  33% less damage to the group with a double splash AoE heal every 4 seconds while also hitting 5 mobs is just too damn good.  I won’t even get into the other group heals i have along with passive boon heals since it’s a recurring theme here.  The bottom line is, guardians are just too damn good!

Guild Wars 2 Guardian

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