Shadowknight Sexiness

I’m really digging the armor selection so far on my SK.  Granted, they do a really good job at hiding just how ugly the character models are, but i still like it.  Hurray for appearance slots and capes as well.  Yet more options that seem to be overlooked in newer MMO’s.  Being a huge fashion diva in my MMO’s always gives me more to not only do while in game but more to strive for.  I’ll spend a ridiculous amount of time camping anything that has a distinct skin or looks good.

Everquest 2 Knight's Nebulous Plate
Knight’s Nebulous Plate
Everquest 2 Dragoon's Plate
Dragoon’s Plate
Everquest 2 Bloodsaber Corruptor's Plate
Bloodsaber Corruptor’s Plate

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