A Realm Reborn Launch Date Set

A Realm Reborn Launch Date

     Take 2, Square Enix.  Despite my total disappointment with 1.0, which i considered the worst MMO I’d ever played, I plan on giving ARR a solid chance to redeem the franchise for me.  So far, I’ve seen lots of positives from beta footage to feedback from friends in the beta itself.  It appears as if SE has finally caught up to MMO’s of a few years ago.  While that’s a good start, it also means they’re a few years behind their competitors.

     What am i saying!  FF fans are a different breed.  They don’t care about other MMO’s and will stick with almost any junk tossed at them wrapped within a shiny moogle package.  This of course is a huge problem and one that will only stagnate the attempted resurrection if the player base allows it.  I used to be one of these people until i smacked myself back to reality so lets hope the zealots can get a grip with reality.

     This isn’t about my opinion of course, since i haven’t had a chance to test the game since 1.0 beta, so lets get back to the announcement!  Since I’ve never been one that was interested in all the extra bells and whistles with CE’s, the price for the SE is fantastic.

Collector’s Edition
  • PlayStation 3 (Package*) $79.99
  • Windows (Package) $69.99
  • Windows (Digital Download) $49.99
A Realm Reborn Collectors Edition
Standard Editions
  • PlayStation 3 (Package*) $39.99
  • Windows (Package/Digital Download) $29.99 
A Realm Reborn

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