Wildstar Beta Leaks

Dontain tossed up a video today showing off some data mined features from the Wildstar beta client.  The class selection shows off 9 possible classes in the game, but I’m not sure about some of them personally.  One of the options is for an Elementalist, which doesn’t seem to fit the game theme at all with that name at least.  At any rate, I’m hoping for a lot more classes than currently announced and plan to be announced according to the official site.  One of my pet peeves is a small selection of distinctive classes.

I also like how he points out and gets excited about a “last online” option, which was desperately missing from GW2.  I smiled a little knowing how simple a feature this is yet how important it can be for any guild leader trying to maintain an active roster.  It becomes invaluable when it’s time to purge your roster of inactives so you can begin recruiting.

The option that caught my eye was a costume selection on the character sheet.  Here’s hoping it’s an appearance tab and not some useless town clothes or out of combat clothes option that GW2 had.  I firmly believe players would rather have armor skins options that they can wear in combat.  I know i would.  I’ll spend ridiculous amounts of time going for armor skins of any kind as long as i can where them when and where i like.

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