Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings

Completing 8 of the 12 possible Dragon Bash achievements rewards you with a holographic skin for your back slot.  It just happens to be a skin similar to The Shatterer’s wings, which i always thought looked fantastic.  The achievements themselves are pretty simple, which always annoys me.  I’d prefer tasks a little more difficult that just running around and clicking on stuff or eating dozens and dozens on newly implemented treats.  I imagine every single player will have one of these by the time this event is over, and i suppose that’s ok since it is just an event.  I’d still like the events themselves to be a bit more involved than they are though.

I had to toss my wings on my guardian since i just spent almost half of my money upgrading my thief’s back slot with the fractal capacitor.  I don’t mind though since it seems to fit much better with plate armor and color scheme I’m using anyways.  There goes the fractal back piece i had on him though!

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