Raptr Nerd Points

Being a nerd and using their game tracking software finally payed off.  Well, technically I’ve received tons of rewards from them in the past, but never anything of value.  This time around i was rewarded with the Storm Legion expansion for free, which included four new souls, and an adorable Raptr mini-pet.

Rift Raptr Pet
Wish i could rename him Snoopy
Having not really played the game since prior to GW2’s launch, i was amazed to see the land mass almost tripled in size.  As usual, this comes with ten more levels, but that’s to be expected.  Unfortunately this also means that my top tier Hammerknell gear is replaced by quest greens.  I was shocked at the explosion in stats when i went to check out the current raid gear vendor.  I thought it was bad going from River of Souls to Hammerknell, but this takes the cake.  At the same time, it does make it easier to play catch up i suppose, but I’m not really interested in returning at this time with FFXIV around the corner.
It didn’t take me long to figure out what that new back slot was for either.  I fucking love capes and cloaks!  I like seeing them in every MMO, especially if they’re used for guild representation of some sort, complete with logos and art work.  So naturally, the first thing i did was figure out how to get my first one from a quest, which didn’t take long.  They have a nice upgrade feature as well which i accidentally completed without looking.
Rift Cape
Quest reward cape
Upgraded quest reward cape
The new rogue soul, Tactitian, is ridiculous.  It’s essentially a bazooka wielding, AoE death machine that can also drop heals.  Similar in many ways to GW2’s Engineer.  So far it seems more like a solo farming soul for now but i haven’t really dug into it yet.  It does mow down lots of mobs at once at a rapid pace though.
Rift Tactitian
Flame on
The first thing i thought of, when i loaded up Tactitian and headed out to quest on a map that looks like is from outer space mind you, is how much it reminded me of the alien bounty hunters from Critters!  Toss in some Ghostbusters and you’re ready to roll on to 60.  I had to get an 80’s movie reference in here somehow.
Critters Alien Bounty Hunters
We’re looking for crites

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