Rift Mount Check

     As i continue my week in Rift and my inevitable climb to 60 after over a year away, i decided to take some time between quests for some fun stuff.  I love collective anything i can, as I’m sure many others do as well.  This time i diverted my attention to my mount collection, which in this case is rather lacking.  That’s ok though as I’m not ready to blow my entire wallet on any more until i hit 60.  That’s when the 150% mount speed comes into play, and they can’t get hear soon enough.  For now, I’ll just have to play with what i have.

Rift Ancient Tartagon
Ancient Tartagon
Rift Mossy Tartagon
Mossy Tartagon
Rift Ash Strider
Ash Strider
Rift Nimble Gold Eldritch Steed
Nimble Gold Eldritch Steed
Rift Loyal Armored War Horse
Loyal Armored War Horse
Rift Swift Gold Armored War Horse
Swift Gold Armored War Horse
Rift Swift Soulbound Charger
Swift Soulbound Charger
Rift Swift Murdantix
Swift Murdantix
Rift Green Panda
Green Panda

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