Warriors Come Out To Play

My trusty bird Sirdidymus

My first max level class/job, after a few weeks of super exciting Fate grinds, is of course my badass Warrior.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with this job.  On one hand, I’ve always enjoyed the heavy armor classes with big 2-handed weapons.  On the other hand, i retired from tanking four years ago when i left FFXI.  I just don’t enjoy tanking any longer, especially in pugs.

Mid level purple warrior!

I was fully aware what the class was before i started leveling it though, so it’s not like i didn’t know what i was getting into.  I guess nostalgia bit me in the ass since i loved my warrior from XI.  I had so many options with that class not only role wise but also weapon wise.  I feel like i have zero room for options in XIV, yet it’s the only class that i enjoy.  Warrior just fits my play style i suppose.  Run into a pack of mobs and go crazy while someone else keeps my butt alive.  What’s not to love?!

I just wish i had the option to queue as a DPS in dungeons.  This is an issue that a friend and i ran into over the weekend.  We were unable to play together in a dungeon because i was a warrior and he was a paladin.  The Duty Finder would not allow us to enter with 2 supposed tanks.  Obviously this won’t be an issue later on when we have more classes/jobs leveled, but what about new players starting out that only have one?  The Duty Finder needs an overhaul to accommodate more play styles and class diversity.

Full AF warrior

In reality, the game just needs more classes and jobs.  I cannot wait for my beloved Dark Knight, Samurai, and Thief.  Those have always been my favorite classes and what i feel are largely missing from XIV.  I’m also a huge Bard fan but that current iteration leaves a lot to be desired as well.  I’d love to see more full support classes, like an actual Bard!  This would need a revamp of the party system though, which I’ll get into in another post.  For now, warriors…come out to play…

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