Lightning Returns

Final Fantasy XIV Weather

No not that Lightning thankfully.  I’m talking about weather effects of course and those specifically in FFXIV.  They’re simply amazing to look at and really add to the atmosphere, as they should.

During my normal running around like crazy to get as much done as i can, i had one of those “stop and smell the roses” moments.  It happened while i was at Camp Bronze Lake overlooking the ruins.  I’m not even sure what i was doing there to begin with but I’m glad i was.  A thunderstorm broke out in the middle of the night and i couldn’t help but just admire the view.  I must have stood there for at least 15min before i realized what i was doing.  It was one of those rare moments, that doesn’t happen as often as they used to, where i get completely lost in the game world.  (Directionally speaking, i get lost all the time!)

Final Fantasy XIV Weather
Final Fantasy XIV Weather

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