The End of an Era

Breaking Bad
The king is dead
I feel as if a chapter in my life just closed.  Five years is a long time for anything, especially a show like this, but it’s finally over.  I already feel a little empty inside and it’s only been over for a few minutes now.  It’s been my favorite show from the get go and it’s definitely been a weird journey but it was a show right up my alley.
The question of what would you be willing to do for your family, knowing your time left is limited, just hooked me right off the bat.  Once i engrossed myself in that simple yet unbelievably complicated scenario, i knew the places the show might go and was not only on board but in the front seat and ready.  Much like Walt, I’ve never felt more alive living vicariously through the show and Heisenberg himself.
The transformation of Walter While on the show and the character role versatility of Bryan Cranston is something to be appreciated as well.


And finally:
Breaking Bad’s cinematography seemed almost made and designed with gifs in mind.  So many memorable scenes forever saved to this ridiculous yet somehow perfect format.  Starting with the infamous roof pizza and spanning almost every episode.

Breaking Bad Roof Pizza

Breaking Bad Gun Barrel
Breaking Bad RV
Breaking Bad Eyebrows
Breaking Bad Sunset
Breaking Bad Tuco's
Breaking Bad Countdown
Breaking Bad Better Call Saul
Breaking Bad Dollar
Breaking Bad Car Explosion
Breaking Bad Bell
Breaking Bad Face Off
Breaking Bad Box Cutter
Breaking Bad Walt's Hole
Breaking Bad Waving Granny
Breaking Bad Hungry Hippos
Breaking Bad Walt's Middle Finger
Breaking Bad Jesse's High
Breaking Bad Air Pressure Suit
Breaking Bad Jesse's Gun
Breaking Bad Walt's Joint
Breaking Bad Jesse's Kids Ride
Breaking Bad Magnets
Breaking Bad Spinning Gun
Breaking Bad Kiddie Pools
Breaking Bad Vacuum
Breaking Bad Hello Carol
Breaking Bad Nyan
I’ll miss you but it’s better to go out on top than sink into obscurity.

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