Heroic Characters

Today’s the day that SoE allowed everyone to start or upgrade one EQ2 character to level 85 for free.  I took advantage of this by upgrading my Shadowknight, which was level 75 at the time.  While it only gave me 10 levels in total, it did provide me with a much needed gear upgrade as well.

I think i was more excited for elimination of the terribly restrictive gear unlocks than the levels themselves to be honest.  Not only did they give us a full set of legendary quality armor, accessories, and weapons but we also got a flying mount!  While I’m not normally fond of them in newer games, i think they have their place in games as old as this.  Hell, some of the zones are a pain without them.  The journey for the final 10 levels begins.

Dreadknight’s Stalwart Armor Set

Coldain Pegasus


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