Prestige House

I love housing.  Since nobody does it better than EQ2, i decided to give myself a little upgrade.  I traded up from the standard 7-room house in Neriak to a Felwithe Mansion prestige house.  What an upgrade indeed.  While my favorite house was the 7 year vet reward house, which obviously wasn’t going to happen, i went with what i considered the next best option.

I went from this:
To this:

Now comes the fun part of actually decorating and designing an awesome layout for this huge monstrosity.  Having already brought over every piece of furniture from my old house made me realize how little i actually had.  It’s going to take a while and a fair bit of currency to populate this place but that’s the fun aspect of housing and why i love it.  Someone send me about 100 paintings, thanks!
EQ2 Felwithe Mansion
EQ2 Felwithe Mansion

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