Gone Fishin’

EverQuest 2 Shadowknight 90
Ding 90 Shadowknight!  I’m sure most people probably did these 5 levels on their heroic characters in a night or two, but I’ve been taking my time.  Well, maybe not so much going slow as spending way too much time on housing and not enough on anything else.  Either way, it finally happened and what better way than by slaughtering poor little Yha-lei fishermen.  They’re armed so it’s ok.
Chelsith seemed to be the zone everyone levels 80-90 in and perhaps even higher.  Maybe the opinions/guides I’ve been reading are completely outdated but I’ve been following them anyway.  Leveling down to 80 or 85 and just clearing this zone over and over seemed to work quite well and the exp was pretty good.  Rounding up lots of mobs is apparently much better than actually questing, which is good and bad i suppose.  The final five levels awaits me, if i don’t get distracted by my mansion of course.

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