Kneel Before Me

EQ2 Anashti Sul

I figured it was about time i select my deity in EQ2.  Normally this quest is started at level 25 but i put it off until level 90 for some unknown reason.  Out of all the possible options i decided to go with Anashti Sul which seemed to fit my Shadowknight best.  She provides a buff that increases my spell damage along with boosting base stats in the form of a pet servant.  I tend to just hide pets since I’m not a fan but i still get to maintain the permanent buff.  She also provides a list of ten short duration and long cool-down buffs which i will not get into now.

EQ2 Anashti's Undying Servant
Along with the buffs and pet, the quest chain also rewards a few altars to pray at which are placed in your home.  Doing so pulls up an option window to select one of the ten buffs i mentioned earlier.  The final reward is yet another cape which would have been decent at the appropriate level but now goes into my cape collection!  Sorry General Zod, i bow before Anashti.  
EQ2 Altar of Anashti Sul
EQ2 Cloak of the Forgotten

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