When i first began playing EQ2 and started looking for a UI replacement for the ugly default one, i turned to ProfitUI much like everyone else.  Ironically, this sort of went against my minimalist preferences when it comes to UI’s in general.  While it eliminated certain frames such as the SoE bar, it also introduced many others.

Original layout
The first frames i got rid of were the top and bottom stat strips.  I simply had no need for all those numbers being on my screen at all times.  Despite being able to resize and edit which ones i could actually show, i preferred them on my character sheet instead of on my main UI.  Also hid on this screenshot is my maintained spells window.  It’s there if i need to scroll over it and cancel anything, but remains hidden until i need it.
Updated layout
My most recent layout changed a few more frames.  Gone are the top player frame and currency windows.  I wasn’t happy with the options for the HP frame and the currency was again not needed on screen and better left on the character sheet.  Along with replacing the player frame, i also changed the target and implied target to something a little bit larger and easier on the eyes.
Finally i replaced my cast bar as well as the enemy cast bar and resized both to the length of my hotbars. While the enemy cast bar is not in this screenshot, it’s the exact same size as mine and located right above it. Moving to my auto attack bar next, i got rid of the unnecessary text depicting “melee or ranged”.  You’ll also notice an entire hotbar of my maintained buffs also missing.  They’re also hidden until i scroll over them which eliminates more screen clutter.
It’s a work in progress which I’m sure will change tomorrow or the next day.  For now, this seems to suit my needs gameplay wise while remaining pleasing to the eye.  I’m sure to stumble upon another piece that i must have but this will last me a while i believe.
Current layout
Current UI Pieces

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