Ding! 70

World of Warcraft Level 70 Death Knight
My first mini milestone in WoW had me dinging 70 on my DK.  Slowly but surely i’m making my way up to cap without feeling any reason to rush.  The only comment i can make is hurray for getting out of Outland!  I hated that place and all it’s gloomy zones with a passion.  Next up was Northrend, though I did have some reservations from all the forums posters commenting on how much they hate it.  For me, it’s been a way better leveling process so far and a much better open zone design.  Let’s see if that continues.
Along with simply leveling up, i think I’ve spend just as much time fiddling with my UI trying to get it just right.  It’s a work in progress that i have a feeling i’ll never be completely happy with.  It serves it’s purpose so far while remaining uncluttered and out of the way of unneeded junk.  I’m sure i’ll continue to spend an ungodly amount of time tweaking it as i acquire more skills and spells.  Someone find me a better rune management addon that actually works!
World of Warcraft Level 70 Death Knight

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