Fun With Fonts

During my leveling process, i fell in love with Mik Scrolling Battle Text.  It uncluttered all my damage numbers and condensed them into one simple frame.  Since i like minimal with less clutter, it was a perfect fit for my UI setup.  That is until i started doing some raids and reassessing my UI needs and layout functionality.

I realized how much i missed seeing damage numbers on top of enemy heads.  This was even more evident on trash pulls and adds.  Being able to see all the mobs i have dots rolling on individually is a lot more visual and intuitive than having them all combined together into one area.  Of course this creates a massive clusterfuck on my screen when there’s lots of mobs but i actually seem to prefer it for this specific situation.

The other issue i had was how much i couldn’t stand the default floating combat text font.  Not only is it a boring style but looked quite pixelated as well.  Well hurray for Font Damage Changer which let me change the text to any one of the hundred or so fonts i happen to already have for Photoshop projects.  Now my problem lies in actually choosing which one i like more than the next and sticking to it for more than a few hours.

World of Warcraft Floating Damage Font - Floydian
Floydian Normal
World of Warcraft Floating Damage Font - Shogun's
Shogun’s Clan
World of Warcraft Floating Damage Font - Double Feature
Double Feature

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