Wildstar Scrolls Online

Wildstar Elder Scrolls Online
For the first time in a really long time, i’m not jumping on a pair of new MMO releases.  Obviously both Wildstar and ESO are still in the beta phase but i feel like I’ve seen what i needed to see from both and have made the decision to not pursue either.  One was definitely more difficult than the other to pass on.
I’ll start with ESO since it was by far the easiest one to pass on.  What can someone even say about an MMO they like absolutely nothing about?  I personally can’t play an MMO any longer if the combat is not fun or engaging and ESO hit both of those metrics for me.  The only MMO i purged from my hard drive faster than this game was Final Fantasy 14 version 1.  There’s really nothing else to say about this game.
Wildstar, on the other hand, i so desperately wanted to like.  I was sold on the art style (which i usually don’t like), the large scale raiding, the housing, and freaking hoverboards!  What else does a huge Back to the Future fan want? Unfortunately that all changed once i got to play and participate in the beta.
The lack of classes really killed any motivation i had for this game.  Six classes for a AAA MMO launch is just unacceptable in my eyes.  Of those six, not a single one held my attention any longer than a few hours. This is an issue i tend to have with any sort of sci-fi related game.  At the end of the day, everyone is holding some iteration of a gun or a blaster.  While it may sound similar to fantasy games and swords, it couldn’t be further from the case in my eyes.  Swords have a definite romantic element to them that guns will never have. 
My inability to fall in love with any of the classes is by far my biggest reason for passing on Wildstar.  I had the exact same issue for A Realm Reborn.  My personal play style and class are not represented in either game.  If at any point either decide to implement some form of a Dark Knight/Death Knight/Shadow Knight, i’ll be all over the game for a long time.  I just love that “in your face” melee plate class with a necromancer twist.
At the end of the day, i felt like $15 a month to mess with housing was not worth it to me.  This may change as the game matures, but for now it’s a waiting game.

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