Landmark Beta

Thanks to a guild mate, who happens to be a founder, i snagged myself a Landmark beta key.  I’ve only really been in game for a few hours so i’m pretty much just running around getting the hang of the game. While I’ve watched dozens of videos of other players and their creations, i haven’t had the chance to dig into any building just yet myself.  For now I’m just gathering as many resources as i can find while scoping out other player’s claims.

I do have two initial qualms with the game after just a few hours.  The lack of a zoom in and out option as well as the lack of a mouse sensitivity option is driving me bonkers.  I typically like my camera turns to be super quick and really tight.  I feel like I’m playing in slow motion or keyboard turning even.  I’m sure these will get addressed at some point but they were the only two issues i found so far.  Off to stake my claim (after i figure out how)!

Everquest Landmark
Everquest Landmark
Everquest Landmark
Everquest Landmark

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