Vitreous Stone Drake

I decided to begin working on collecting some mounts to add to my abysmally low count i currently have. Having fewer than ten starting bumming me out and motivated me to get going.  For some unknown reason i set my sights on Stonecore and the Vitreous Stone Drake mount.  Going in i heard a lot of horror stories from people chasing this lovely 1% drop rate chance mount but that never deters me.

Well, i don’t know if they upped the drop rate or if i just got ridiculously lucky, but seven attempts later and it’s sitting in my collection!  That 1/7 pretty much took me less than 2 hours from when i decided to go.  So either the drop rate was increased or i’m going to get a lot of hate.  Either way, I’m happy it didn’t take long and now i can move on to the next challenge.  I’m sure the next mount will decide to elude me to make up for this one.

World of Warcraft Slabhide
World of Warcraft Vitreous Stone Drake
World of Warcraft Vitreous Stone Drake

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