Boosted 90 Newbie

After careful deliberation i decided to use my free 90 boost on a Mage.  I went back and forth for a while between that and Shaman but the deciding factor was race.  As in, i dislike every race in the game other than humans and blood elves!  Since neither can roll a Shaman, that left me with the all powerful Mage as the easy choice.  Plus i get a water elemental pet, and i so love pets (sarcasm).

World of Warcraft Mage

Keeping with my apparent Frost obsession, i chose that path over Fire or Arcane.  Since i didn’t want to be “one of those guys”, i spent a few days reading up and watching videos on rotations and gearing.  It took a lot of getting used to, and I’m nowhere near there yet, but i’m getting the hang of playing a caster.  Actually having to stand still and cast was driving me crazy the first day.  I’m so used to constantly moving about, whether i need to or not, that this change was pretty drastic for me.

Aesthetically i went with the only obvious choice for any proper Mage.  You’re not really a Mage unless you look like a Final Fantasy Black Mage.  The options to do so were limited between the set I’m wearing and a purple version of the same.  Despite my love for purple, i went with the lighter color as i thought it looked better as Frost.  Now to work on some decent looking weapons.

Final Fantasy Black Mage

I managed to snag a FFXI reference for my name as well (Manafont).  I cringe a bit thinking back at having 2-hour cool-downs but mana management used to be the entire game back then.  Off topic a bit but i just saw that they lowered the cool-down to 1-hour now!  Still a crazy amount of time though.

Final Fantasy Manafont

Off to the great gear treadmill i go.  Hopefully i don’t embarrass myself in the process.

World of Warcraft Mage

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