No Quartet

There’s an achievement for having five level 90’s but none for having four.  Since my Warlock makes four now for me, i decided to make my own and call it No Quartet.  It’ll make its appearance towards the end of Houses of the Holy and set an eerie mood for the rest of the leveling process.  Speaking of mood, i don’t want to see another Spotted Swarmer for a very long time.

World of Warcraft Warlock
I quickly grabbed some transmog gear for Warlock that’ll fit the whole green fire motif.  I know, it’s so original and new, but i’m a sucker for themes sometimes.  I need to work on a better main hand weapon which will probably be some kind of green sword of course.  After some gearing up i’ll probably start the quest for actual green fire that’ll set the whole thing off.
World of Warcraft Warlock
World of Warcraft Warlock

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