ArcheAge Character Creator

I managed to snag an ArcheAge beta key from an Alienware giveaway last week which got me into the Closed Beta Event 2 that started yesterday.  As an avid and always outspoken advocate of expanded character creators, i have only good things to say about ArcheAge.  It’s not really a surprise since Korean MMO’s always have great creators.

The most important aspect of a character creator to me is the hair options.  This is one aspect that could use a lot more options in the current beta build.  I doubt it’ll be expanded on any time soon since this is pretty much what Korea has as well.  The options available are pretty good though.  As usual, i tried my best at a Han Solo impersonation.

(21) Hair Styles, (60) Hair Colors

ArcheAge Character Creator
(29) Eye Brows, Color Palette for Eyes and Brows
ArcheAge Character Creator
(16) Eye Makeup, (19) Beards, Color Palette for Both
ArcheAge Character Creator
(17) Age Lines, (8) Skin Colors
ArcheAge Character Creator
(12) Face Paints. (19) Scars
ArcheAge Character Creator

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