Unholy Moly

It’s official.  I’ve made the switch from Frost DK to Unholy DK and i absolutely love it.  My initial hesitation to do so earlier was mostly in part to my utter dislike of pets and pet classes in general.  I don’t like managing them and they tend to do more harm than good sometimes.  The irony is not lost on me seeing as all four of the classes that i have at cap are technically pet classes now.  I’m not sure how this happened but i don’t like it!  I don’t like it one bit.

I originally fell in love with the Frost DK play style.  It’s fast and furious while maintaining the dual wield aesthetic that i also love.  Unfortunately it also lacks any sort of variety and has devolved into a two button rotation spam that’s honestly quite dull.  While i appreciate the basics of the spec, i wanted something a little more involved so i turned to Unholy.

The basics of the spec revolves around lining up as many buffs as possible at the start of the fight, including trinket procs and consumables, to boost diseases as much as possible.  The goal then is to keep those diseases going for as long as possible while watching the ridiculous damage numbers roll by.  It’s a lot of fun when everything lines up but can also be a royal pain in the ass when they don’t.  That’s the interesting aspect of the spec and one i’m enjoying quite a bit.

Of course one cannot just switch to a new spec without changing ones appearance accordingly.  Gone is my frosty blue transmog set in favor of a green one that’s fits more closely to the disease based play style.  It’s a work in progress as usual but it’s definitely getting there.  The tabard is temporary until i get enough reputation for Battle Tabard of the Defilers. If only i could decide between a two handed sword or a two handed axe.  They both fit rather well i think.  It’s unfortunate that my legendary cape looks out of place now but i’ll manage.

Unholy Death Knight
Unholy Death Knight
Unholy Death Knight
Unholy Death Knight

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