Return Home to Vana’diel

I can’t believe i’m actually considering this but SE is holding another Return Home to Campaign on 9/10 -9/17.  I say another but this is actually the first i’m hearing about any such campaign.  This is probably mostly due to the game falling off my radar for the last four plus years though.  While i of course always think about giving the game a whirl again, i never actually end up doing it.  I said by goodbyes and moved on almost five years ago now.  The itch is always there though, as with any game someone spends a ridiculous amounts of time in.

This time i’m seriously considering hopping in and running around thanks to the free week.  That’s pretty much all i’ll be doing though as i have no intention or interest in anything related to content post level 75. That’s where the game still lives in my mind and everything after that to the current level 99 cap is of no interest.  The essence of the original game up to level 75 seems to have been destroyed and replaced with a more modern system of gear progression.  That to me is a foreign concept for this game and goes against everything it was built on.  Had this have happened early on in the game’s history i would have been all for it but doing so after so many years seems like a last ditch effort to hold on to players.

I’m looking forward to just logging in and exploring the game world.  That’s the aspect that i sorely miss the most.  It was huge, sometimes dangerous, and almost always lead me in the wrong direction.  Some zones required cooperation from multiple players to even cross.  I’m talking pressure plates to open doors or even levers that required players on opposite ends of zones to hit.  It was absolutely maddening at times but so much more fun in the long run.

A chocobo ride through The Sancuary of Zi’Tah is worth the price of admission just for the atmosphere and music alone.  I think i’m going to scratch that nostalgia itch in a few weeks.

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